Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed and it is never too early to sign up.   There are many opportunities for you to help as you can see from the following and even though some of the tasks may seem complicated, each task/responsibility will have a Reference Book to answer any questions you may have.  This will be sent to you prior to the Festival and will also be available at each station.  Festival Staff will do everything possible to make this event fun for everyone, especially the volunteers.   Better yet, there are also some rewards also.

Download Volunteer Packet

Including Application

Here are some ways you can help:


THE HOSPITALITY TENT (7 AM – 4 PM) (Location[s] TBD)

Those who work at the Artist Check-In areas are the first volunteers to greet the Artists as they arrive to setup. They are the initial “face” of the Festival.

Duties include but are not limited to —

  • Check in Volunteers
    • Maintain Volunteer Log
    • Direct Volunteers to their Stations
    • Answer their questions
    • Pass out Tee Shirts and maintain distribution log
  • Artist Check-In
    • Greet artists, making them feel welcome
    • Provide them w/information packet
    • Assign number and explain staging/unloading procedures
    • Direct to Staging Assistants
  • Traffic/Logistics
    • Requirements:
      • Must have a cell phone available
      • Must be able to Multi-task
      • Ensure compliance with unloading system
    • Duties include:
      • Direct Exhibitors to the designated Parking Area
      • Direct Exhibitors to Hospitality Tent
      • Help Exhibitors comply with Staging System
  •  Staging
    • Duties include:
      • Understand and ensure compliance with the Staging System
      • Assisting artists unload their vehicles and transport merchandise to the assigned tent
      • Assist with setting up Artist’s tents, as necessary
  • Set Up Reception Area (4:00 PM)



(please wear your tee shirts, so you can easily be identified)

  • Clean Up Reception Area (7:30 – 8:30 Friday)



Welcome Tent – 8:30 AM – 7 PM
Located at the Festival entrance, the welcome tent is the “hub” of the Event Operations.  This is a very busy and essential duty and requires diplomacy, organization skills, flexibility, and an ability to think on your feet as many attendees come to the Welcome Tent for information.  Those who work this Tent are the “Face” of the Festival.

Administrative Duties include:

  • Checking in volunteers
  • Maintaining Volunteer Log
  • Central point for Volunteer Phone Numbers
  • Direct Volunteers to their Stations
  • Pass out Tee Shirts/Maintain Log
  • Distribute Gift Certificates/Maintain Log
    • Winners will be –
      • Volunteers
      • Public
  • Certify Community Service Hours
  • Accepting Lost and Found items

Meet and Greet Duties Include:

  • Greet Visitors
  • Pass out Festival Maps
  • Pass out water
  • Register guests for door prizes
  • Answer questions
  • Provide access to the First Aid Kit
  • Ensure there is ample water in the cooler and refill as necessary
  • Direct Exhibitors to the Hospitality Tent when necessary
  • Keep the area clean
  • Ensure evacuation of Festival Grounds (6 – 7:00)
  • Notify Festival Staff of anything/activity deemed unusual via cell phone or in person

Hospitality Tent is for Exhibitors, Vendors and Event Staff ONLY (available for meals/rest and water) It will be prominently located, place TBD 

Duties Include:

  • Delivery of water and snacks to artists and sponsors
  • Setting Up the hospitality area and keeping it clean
  • Booth-sitting, as needed
  • Assist Exhibitors in closing for the evening




Welcome Tent, 9:00 AM –- 5:00 PM
Duties include —

  • Same as Saturday

Hospitality Tent, 9:00 – Until??

Duties include –

  • Same as Saturday, except
  • Artist Breakdown/Loading (5:00PM – 7:00PM Sunday
  • Help artists breakdown their tents
  • Help transport products to Staging Area
  • Ensure compliance with Staging System
  • Assist in loading vehicles in a quick and orderly manner


Duties include:

  • Direct Exhibitors to Parking Area
  • Monitor traffic flow, maintaining compliance with Staging System
  • Monitor and direct Staging System


Duties include:

  • Understand and ensure compliance with the Staging System,
  • Coordinate with the Hospitality Tent and Traffic/Logistics Volunteers to ensure orderly vehicle loading and traffic flow


Festival Volunteers are essential to making this a successful Event. In appreciation for your help —

  • You will receive a tee shirt which you should wear whenever you are working. This tee shirt will feature the SAF logo on the front and the winning art poster for that year on the back.  These tee shirts should become collector’s items.
  • You are also invited to attend the Artist’s and Exhibitors Awards Reception on Friday.
  • In addition, we will have a monthly drawing for those volunteers who sign up – starting January 1. Two names will be drawn each month for Festival Dollars Gift Certificate worth $25 each, which can be used at any of the Exhibitor Booths.  Winners will be notified by email.  Festival Dollars can be picked up at the Welcome Tent.  Be sure to sign up early for the best chance of winning. You can win more than once.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I volunteer for more than one shift?

YES and you are encouraged to sign up for as many shifts as they would like and to work on each or all days.   Initially you will be asked to designate times and/or days that you are available.  Later you will receive an email with your schedule.  If your scheduled time(s) are not convenient, the Event Committee will endeavor to accommodate your request(s) for change.


Where should I check-in?

(Please check in 30 minutes prior to your shift)
Friday — Volunteer check-in is located at the Hospitality Tent.

Saturday and Sunday – Volunteer check in is located at the Welcome Tent.


Can I receive Community Service credits for volunteering?

Yes.  Bring your Community Service Sheet with you, it may be signed at the end of your shift at the Hospitality Tent on Friday and the Welcome Tent on Saturday and Sunday.

When and where do I pick up my tee shirt?

Every volunteer will receive an Festival Tee shirt which they are encouraged to wear when they are working.  This can be picked up when you check in for your initial shift.

Where should I park?

Volunteer parking will be in a designated area in the lower parking lot.

How can I sign up?
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