Performer Application

Rules and Regulations

  • This event is held RAIN OR SHINE.
  • Performers are responsible to provide their own equipment.
  • Performers are expected to perform within the limits of their allotted time(s).
  • Performers are expected to remove their equipment and/or displays as expeditiously as possible after their performance.
  • Only performers accepted in to the Spotsy Arts Festival are permitted to participate. Subletting, selling or giving their time to any other person or group is not permitted.
  • All equipment and/or displays must stay within your designated spot. The assigned area must be kept clean throughout the event and be left spotless afterwards. No soliciting merchandise or services is allowed.
  • Rude, obscene or abusive language and/or threatening or actual physical restraint and/or abuse of another Exhibitor, staff or the public is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate removal and banishment from participation in future shows.
  • Do not distribute material outside of your designated space or loudly solicit visitors into your exhibit space. Amplified music is not permitted, except for entertainment contracted by the Festival Director.
  • Photographs will be taken during the Festival. It is understood these photographs can or will be used in future advertising and promotions for the Spotsy Arts Festival.
  • Each Performer or group must have their own insurance.
  • All local laws must be followed.
  • Must assume all of the risks in participating in the Spotsy Arts Festival, which includes
    JART, Inc. and Spotsylvania County, as an Exhibitor, Vendor, Performer or Volunteer
    and any and all associated activities including but not limited to —
  • Waive, Release, Discharge, Indemnify and Hold Harmless from any and all liability JART, Inc. Spotsylvania County and any of their employees, directors, consultants, Members of the Board, volunteers, representatives, agents, assign successors, contractors, suppliers, exhibitors, vendors, event sponsors regarding any and all claims that my participation could give rise to any claim or otherwise cause liability.


Number where you can be reached during the festival
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